PanzerNews - zmiany w grze: patrząc w przyszłość 2020

zmiany w grze: patrząc w przyszłość 2020

Tekst po angielsku, na oficjalnym portalu powinien pojawić się o godzinie 20:00 w języku polskim.

New Balance: The Next Steps

We discussed the details of the New Balance features coming out in Update 1.9 in yesterday's article, so make sure you didn't miss anything!

Crew 2.0

Crew 2.0 is a complex system and we're still working on developing various concepts for its implementation. As soon as we have an acceptable solution for both players and our team, you will definitely have the opportunity to try out all the possible changes on the Sandbox open server.

We plan to launch testing around the summer of 2020. At this point, you will have the opportunity to try out the redesigned Crew and, if you like it, we will continue to work on appropriate conversion and compensation mechanics, as well as other aspects of this feature.

The version of Crew 2.0 that you will experience on the Sandbox server is nothing more than an experiment to test our ideas. Please note that any proposed changes may not make it to the final iteration, or may be released in a completely reworked format.

Equipment 2.0

The same is true for Equipment 2.0. We don't aim to radically redesign the existing system, but instead work on a solution that will be as comfortable as possible for our players. Equipment 2.0 will likely be attached to classes and will be available for preliminary testing on the Sandbox server sometime this summer. These test results will determine which changes will eventually be introduced into the game.

Ranked Battles 2020-2021

For 2020-2021, Ranked Battles will return to World of Tanks with 3 engaging Seasons. Depending on your results across all three Seasons, you can earn the ultimate reward—a Tier IX tank. Its name, class, nation, and characteristics are top secret and will be published at a later date.

Based on your feedback, we slightly revised some gameplay mechanics to get you more involved in playing In Leagues. To do this, special daily missions will be available for those who qualified for Leagues. We'll also rework the mechanics of earning Bonus Battles, and shorten your journey through each Division.

Vehicle Rebalancing

This year, we're going to continue the rebalancing work we started in 2019 for some popular vehicles. We have already adjusted the characteristics of the Leopard 1, the STB-1 and other great tanks, and now it's time to take another step forward and adjust the performance characteristics of the E 100 and the legendary IS-4, among others.

In the German branch, we plan to rebalance not only the E-100, but also the VK 36.01 (H). the E-75 the Tiger I and the Tiger II. For the Soviet nation, in addition to the IS-4, we aim to pay close attention to the KV-3 the KV-4, and the ST-1

In the American branch, the T32 the M103, and the T110E5 will be subject to rebalancing.

Finally, we aim to consistently adjust wheeled vehicles to stop them more effectively when they're hit.

This list is not complete, and it is possible that other tanks will be added to it in the future.

The 10th Anniversary of World of Tanks

2020 marks the 10th anniversary of our game, and we're going to celebrate this milestone in a big way, together with all of you! Large celebrations will kick off in April 2020 and will last until the end of the year.

We have prepared a lot of engaging events and a huge amount of other game content for you. The Anniversary will consist of five thematic stages, each of them corresponding to certain milestones of World of Tanks which have left their mark in the hearts of players. Veterans will smile and remember the good old days; novices will be surprised to learn some curious facts about our project.

Together, the five stages of the Anniversary will demonstrate how much World of Tanks has changed and grown over the past 10 years. Celebrations will culminate In August 2020, and sure enough there will be plenty of pleasant surprises during this month! A feast of special gifts and rewards galore await each and every player, so be sure to party with us!

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